How to Apply for Services

The Champlain region is large and comprised of many smaller communities.  By contacting the Champlain ABI System Navigator you will be provided with referral services to ensure you are aware of the full range of services in your area. The system navigator works with the brain injury service providers to identify other sources of support.  Requests for assistance can be made by the individual themselves, loved ones, or professionals involved.  This can be done by phone at 613-745-5525 extension 5963  or by completing an ABI Application for Services form and sending it to us.

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Applicants are considered for services on an individual basis and must:

  • Have an acquired brain injury (damage to the brain occurring after birth which is non-degenerative or progressive)
  • Be between the age of 16 to 65 (with special consideration being given to those individuals over 65 years of age)
  • Have the willingness to increase their independence and express interest in participating in a program to accomplish their goals
  • If identified with additional issues (addiction, mental health), must be willing to work with other professionals.
  • Return the completed application to the ABI System Navigator via fax as per application.

The application is submitted to the appropriate ABI agency(ies) for the requested service(s). The agency referred to review the application, will complete an intake and place on waitlist(s) if deemed eligible. If the person cannot served by the agency, the application is referred back to the system navigator, who will assist with finding appropriate supports.

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