About Us

The Acquired Brain Injury Coalition is a group of service providers, professionals and brain injury survivors who have been meeting regularly since 1997 in order to improve the service and supports available for individuals living with ABI in the Champlain region. Members regularly gather to exchange information, provide support, education, and ultimately assist survivors and caregivers resume their lives after an injury.

Support: The over-arching goal of the ABI strategy in the Champlain LHIN is the optimal re-integration of individuals with an ABI into their community or home.

Collaboration: A top priority for the Champlain ABI Coalition is to seek solutions with other partners to address the assisted living needs of complex ABI cases and to develop partnerships with service providers in supportive housing settings funded by LHINs, the Ministry of Community and Social Services and municipal governments to create needed capacity. The Champlain ABI Coalition strives to create a collaborative team-based approach to achieve the best possible outcomes to care for people with an ABI in the community.

Education: The ABI Coalition endeavours to build capacity within the system by providing education about brain injury to ABI front line staff as well as health care professionals and community service providers including mental health and addiction in order to increase their ability to recognize, assess and support people with ABI.

Our Mission

To provide leadership in furthering equitable, accessible, responsive, cost effective and quality services and support for persons living with the effects of an acquired brain injury (ABI) in the Champlain region.

Our Purpose

To facilitate the identification and advocate for the rehabilitation needs for persons living with the effects of a brain injury, and their families, across the Champlain region.


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