Stories of Hope

Jodi’s Story

In 2006 Jodi was in a serious car collision. Doctors gave her an 11% chance of survival. Jodi’s family never gave up on her.
They rallied together. This is their story.

UPDATE: February 25, 2020 CBC Ottawa news story – ‘No end in sight’: The lifetime commitment of caring for a loved one with a brain injury

Justin’s Story

Learn more about Justin in this short and inspiring 10 minute documentary featuring a number of brain injury survivors as they share their experiences with recovery and personal growth. Features an original song composed for the film entitled “Purpose” composed by Timothy Trieste and performed by The Life of Pearls featuring singer Shann Bailey.

Matt’s Story

On May 31, 2015, our 15 year old son Matthew fell while rock climbing at the family cottage. He was found critically injured in the woods and rushed by ambulance to the local Hospital where the emergency doctor advised that his chances of survival were low. Matthew was finally discharged from CHEO on September 11th, 2015 but remained an outpatient of CHEO’s rehabilitation program for months to follow. At the time of his discharge, Matthew could barely walk or speak. He was diagnosed with severe aphasia and the prognosis by CHEO staff was grim.

Cheryl Jones started music therapy with Matthew twice a week after he came home. The song that Matthew is singing in this video with Cheryl is one that we often sang together on the way to the countless rehabilitation and medical appointments. The song speaks to the need to remain strong and fight on, even in difficult times. Matthew’s recovery is a testament of how important perseverance and positive thinking are. For all involved in a brain injured person’s care – don’t ever give up hope, even in the darkest days.

Written by Matthew’s mother (December 2015)

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